Custom Guitar Transcription Service

Are you tired of looking for a solo only to find it’s not in print, or the online version is full of mistakes?

Do you struggle to learn your favourite guitar solos by ear?

Have you found yourself struggling to find time in your schedule to sit down and learn a new solo that isn’t tabbed out yet?

Or, have you finished recording your music in the studio and want to keep a copy of the guitar parts for future reference?

If you’ve struggled with these, or similar problems, then I can help.

I’m a full-time guitar teacher and professional transcriber.

I help my students learn to play their favourite solos every day, and I create custom guitar transcriptions for guitarists just like you all over the world.

Let me help you quickly and accurately learn your favourite guitar solos.

What is a Custom Transcription?

My services provide you with a high quality and professional transcription with standard notation and tab.

You send me the song by email, YouTube, Soundcloud, or other online link, and I’ll write it out for you as quickly as is accurately possible.

I will deliver the transcription to you in a variety of formats via email, including:

  • PDF file, or viewing on screen and printing. You can also take this with you to your rehearsal session on a tablet or on paper.
  • Sibelius file, if you own a copy of this program, I can send you the file.
  • Guitar Pro file, which I can also send you if you use the program.

Custom Guitar Transcription Pricing

As no transcription job is the same, and there are many factors that go into pricing a job, I create a custom price point for your specific transcription.

Please bear a few things in mind before asking for your free quote:

  • I’m not selling from a catalogue of pre-made transcriptions. I start each transcription from scratch.
  • The length, complexity and sound quality of the section of music you would like transcribing will affect the total cost.
  • Transcriptions always include standard notation and tab. They don’t have to include both, but that won’t affect the price either way.
  • I will always do my best to keep the price as low as I can, and the quality will be 100% accurate.

Samples of Custom Transcriptions

Here are some examples of transcriptions I have done for previous clients:

Sample 1

Sample 2

How To Get Started

To get started with your custom guitar transcription, please fill out the form below.

After you’ve been in touch, I’ll respond with how to proceed including which types of files to send me for the music and what the quote is for the project.

What People Say About My Transcriptions

Stefan Redtenbacher Redtenbacher's Funkestra. Co-founder of KnowledgeRocks

I was impressed by Simon’s website and his responsiveness to my inquiry. He came back to me the same day, which is a lot better than any of the other services managed to do. I had my transcription within a very short time, despite the music being of a complex nature. The artist himself checked the transcription and was impressed by the accuracy. I can highly recommend Simon to anyone who needs a professional guitar transcription service within a reasonable timeframe and price bracket.

Andrew Nash Guitarist

I've tried a few other transcription services and most have either not replied, or taken over a week to reply! So I was quite surprised to get a reply the same day. Communication has been excellent throughout, and the process was completed very quickly. The transcription was accurate, and well presented, with plenty of information.


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