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How To Play Metallica's Nothing Else Matters Guitar Solo (Part Two)

In this two-part lesson, I’ll show you how to play the Nothing Else Matters Guitar Solo by Metallica. Whilst it’s a short and simple solo, it also has a few challenging parts.

In Part Two of this lesson, I’ll be showing you how to play the entire solo. By using Part One of this lesson as a starting point, you’ll be in a much better position to play the solo successfully.

If you haven't already seen Part One of my lesson for this solo, check it out here. I go through the scale shapes you’ll need to become familiar with, as well as provide exercises to prepare you for some of the tricky parts of the solo.

Here's the video lesson for Part Two:

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Simon Revill

Simon is a guitar teacher, guitar transcriber, and music producer from the UK. As well as writing lessons on guitar and music technology, he also gives online guitar lessons via Skype.

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